Life Coaching School and Training Programs in Mures Romania (RO)

The Benefits of a Career as a Certified Life Strategies Coach in Mures, Romania

If you love to learn, love helping others achieve their life goals and love a flexible work schedule, then working as a certified life strategies coach in Mures, Romania might be the ideal career path for you.

Just what is a certified life strategies coach? A life strategies coach is a trained pro who offers holistic life coaching that is focused on personal, career and relationship issues. It is also someone who can enjoy a recession-proof career in the second fastest growing industry since 2011 (second only to IT) – life strategies coaches in Mures, Romania can command upwards of $100 an hour while setting their own work schedules, enjoying ample vacation time, and combining a wealth of personal and work satisfaction.

You can also get business and career coaching for your life coaching practice in Mures, Romania!


 The other (many) benefits of working as a certified life strategies coach today?

•    It’s a newer industry, so you can blaze your own trail in Mures, Romania and create your own job description. You will attract a variety of interesting people and have the opportunity to help them reshape their lives and find greater joy and satisfaction in life, work and relationships.
•    You can conduct both short- and long-term life coaching programs focused on a variety of topics and issues, depending on your interests and schedule.
•    You will become a better listener and learn how to foster greater trust.
•    You will learn how to align your clients’ goals, values, beliefs and support system for maximum results.
•    The flexibility to creatively use your certification as part of another business in Mures, Romania, if desired.
•    And more.

After completing your online life strategies coaching certification, you can choose to work one-on-one with clients in Mures, Romania, to coach people in small groups, to provide your services in an office, over the phone or via email, to write or teach or pursue additional education. Even better, you will help people realize their dreams, overcome their obstacles and reach their full potential. Some certification programs in Mures, Romania even offer education on developing and launching a life strategies coaching business, allowing graduates to put their training into practice right away.

For example, the Spencer Institute offers a 100 percent online Life Strategies Coach Certification program. The program is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow life coaching system, which also includes a step-by-step blueprint for marketing and business success as a life strategies coach in Mures, Romania.

The Spencer Institute’s self-paced program was designed to bridge the gap between the fields of coaching and psychotherapy and to provide the best and most effective tools for working with Mures, Romania clients, customers, students, patients and employees. The online certification program includes video PowerPoint lectures, a digital manual and a non-proctored exam; there are no prerequisites for registration.

So if you love listening, love strategizing and love making a positive difference in the lives of others, a career as a certified life strategies coach offers all of that and more. Visit the Spencer Institute at to learn more about earning an online certification as a life strategies coach today.



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